Trips & Excursions

School trips and excursions serve as transformative experiences that go beyond the conventional classroom setting, opening doors to a world of hands-on learning and exploration. These ventures into the outside world provide students with unique opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenario.

At Vidyamandir, we recognize the importance of learning beyond the confines of the classroom, and thus, we actively organize trips and excursions at times under strict supervision. These outings serve as enriching experiences, allowing students to explore the world around them in a hands-on way. Through these trips, students gain practical insights, witness real-world applications of their studies, and develop a broader perspective. Additionally, the exposure to different environments helps in the overall personality development of our students.

Students are expected to follow the guidelines of the accompanying teacher or group leader. Sometimes students of the Senior Secondary section are allowed to go for outings at the discretion of the Principal.