About Us

The RKVVM school is truly a right blend of the ancient Gurukul with the modern approach.

THE RAMAKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA VIDYAMANDIR was founded by Sri Samarendra Nath Kar, a distinguished educator, who was inspired by the concept of Swami Vivekananda's "Guru Griha Vasa". The school's environment is calm, pollution free, away from the city hassles on a lush green area, aids immensely in stimulating the minds of the pupils.


Our school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education is distinct in producing excellent result at the Secondary level (AISSE) in every subsequent year. Affiliation for Senior Secondary Section has been granted and admissions would commence from the session 2012~2013.

Our school also takes prides of producing eminent personalities in different sphere of life. All of them united for the purpose of providing their sincere service to humanity through the RKVVM Society.

Each and every student of ‘Vidyamandir’ is expected to realize their abilities and be mentally and morally awakened and motivated to attain the set goals of life. The faculty members at ‘Vidyamandir’ ensure that they not just deliver the curriculum but importantly motivate every single child towards the strong character building and goal setting so as to successfully accomplish the objectives of the institution to build a strong Nation.

Our Vision

Empowering students to achieve success and become exemplary human beings and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir, aims at holistic approach towards education in accordance with the changing needs of the society aiming at helping the boys in their overall development in physical, mental and moral capabilities.

School Motto

To emphasize on the importance of goal setting and gradual realization with expansion of intellectual, spiritual and physical boundaries, the motto of the institution Arise - Awake - Achieve" benefits our students immensely.

  • Arise To rise up and realize the reality instead of sitting idle; set goals of life
  • Awake To inspire oneself and to work tirelessly for the realization of goal
  • Achieve Reaching to the set goal should be the only purpose of a man’s life

Aims and Objectives

The foundation of establishing a residential school was based on the ideals of Swami Vivekananda; the great Hindu Monk and the worthy disciple of Swami Ramakrishna Dev who said “My idea of education is Guru Griha Vasa”.

The idea of establishing “Guru Griha Vasa“ was to make teachers and the students come closer to each other, whereby the students are free to express their difficulties and teachers are ready to serve students who have a strong desire to acquire knowledge and are motivated, curious, and enthusiastic about their learning process.