Daily Requisite Items List

Availability of Daily Requisite

1. Supply of items from school store: Following enlisted items will be made available from the school store for the convenience of parents (guardians) against extra cost:-

SN Dress Items Qty
1 School Shirts (full sleeves with logo) 6 pcs
2 Trousers: Shorts(half pants) for students upto class VI, Full for students of classes VII onward 6 pcs
3 T-Shirt with school monogram 2 pcs
4 Play Dress 2 sets
5 Track suit with logo 1 set (supply in winter season)
6 Tie and Belt with logo 1 set
7 Dhoti and Kurta 1 set
8 Night Dress 2 sets
9 Military Shirt and shorts 1 set
10 Sweater (Full and sleveless) 2 pcs each (supply in winter season)
11 Muffler 1 pc (supply in winter season)
12 Blazer 1 pc (supply in winter season)
SN Bedding Items Qty
1 Durie 1 pc
2 Tosak 1 pc
3 Pillow 2 pc
4 Mosquito Net 1 pc
5 Bed Sheet 3 pcs
6 Bedlinen 2 sets
7 Bed holder 1 pc
8 Cover (for use during sleep) 1 pc
9 Full Size Trunk 1 pc
10 Toiletry bag 1 pc
11 Travel bag 1 pc
12 Quilt 1 pc (supply in winter season)
SN Course Books and Notebooks Qty
1 Course Books and Notebooks Full Set
SN Stationeries Qty
1 Brown cover 2 rolls
2 Cello tape 1 pc
3 Stapler with chisel 1 set
4 Toiletries like toothpaste brush, comb, soaps, etc. 1 set

The first phase supply of the items will be made at the time of reporting for joining to the institution i.e on 5th April 2022. The total charges for the above mentioned items are expected to be approximately Rs. 15,000/ and shall vary in actual owing to the age groups and availability. However, amount in actual is to be tendered at the time of delivery of the items. Please note that the clothes for winter season will not be supplied at the first phase.

2. Supply of items by parents (guardians): Parents (guardians) have to meet the supply of following items:-

SN Dress Items Qty
1 Vests - colour: white 3 pcs
2 Briefs (underpants) 4 pcs
3 Bath Towels 2 pcs
4 Socks-colour: blue 2 pairs
5 Socks-colour: white 2 pcs
6 White shoes - colour: complete white 1 pair
7 Black shoes with lace 1 pair
8 Bathroom slippers 1 pair
9 Sandal (belted footwear) 1 pair

Kindly Note - Do not supply any valuable items like ornaments, wrist-watch, pocket money, food stuff, civil dress, mobile phone, walkman, camera, etc.

Non-compliance of the school rules and regulations will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be imposed against the possessor even amounting to expulsion.

For any further query, please feel free to contact us.

email us at contact@therkwm.org

Mr. Sougata Kar