Infrastructure is considered as the backbone for any school. As a vital component it contributes to the overall learning environment and educational experience for students. At RKVVM, we encloses a variety of facilities and amenities designed for students to ensure effective impart of knowledge and skills.

Academic Blocks/Classrooms

Each classroom is equipped to accommodate an ideal strength of forty students to ensure the effective impart of knowledge by the teachers with active involvement of the students. Our classrooms are well equipped with a smart class learning system to stress on innovation in the long continuing traditional method of teaching.

The Senior Secondary section is in a separate academic building which extensively offers facilities like spacious classrooms, library with reading room, laboratories, computer lab etc.

Science Laboratories

Our school provides separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories for students to conduct experiments, research, and practical demonstrations in various scientific disciplines. They help students with hands-on experiences that complement theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. Our labs are well-equipped with variety of scientific instruments, apparatus, and safety measures to facilitate experimentation and exploration.

Computer Laboratory

Computer laboratories play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall learning experience and preparing students for the digital demands of the modern world. The school is well equipped with a collection of computers and related infrastructure to facilitate computer-based activities, learning, and research. Our labs provides hands-on experience with computing technologies and fostering digital literacy.


The school has a well-stocked library ranging from reference books, story books, autobiographies, encyclopedias, science fiction, latest journals, magazines,newspapers etc. New issues/ titles are updated regularly to add to the vivacity. Students are encouraged to read the books during their leisure time to foster the habit of gaining knowledge through reading.