Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students

Our Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework to outline the principles, expectations, and responsibilities that shape interactions of Vidyamandirians in the school community:

  • To carry a positive and healthy attitude towards learning.
  • To be in proper dress as per school programme.
  • To hold the sanctity and dignity of the institution ahead of the person.
  • To pay importance to the daily routine and participate wholeheartedly in the school programme.
  • To be not absent from the course of routine without prior permission from the Principal or any other competent authority.
  • To be courteous while conversing with others thus revealing the qualities of a gentleman.
  • To bow down to teachers, hostel in-charges and their representatives on first meet after rejoining and last meet before departure on vacations or special leave from Vidyamandir.
  • To demonstrate healthy classroom behavior and contribute the time and energy primarily to attain knowledge and should in no-way distract or demean the position of teacher.
  • To be responsible for personal work in the hostel namely neatness, maintain personal cleanliness, washing one’s own utensils, taking charge of chores or other duty or responsibility as assigned to.
  • To be responsible for safekeeping of one’s own belongings as well as take care of the school property. Any damage done due to the misuse or tampering to school property will be viewed as a detrimental behavior.
  • To follow the instructions / advice of the teachers or wardens or any other school staff without any preference.
  • To follow the decorum in the classroom or dining-hall or any other place and should not display any kind of unpleasant or detrimental behavior.
  • To not leave the premises without obtaining proper permission from the Principal or any other competent authority.
  • To uphold the culture and values, and so particularly abstain from the use of any abusive, impolite, derogatory or insulting language or behavior.
  • Not to keep any kind of electronic gadgets like laptop, ipod, mobile phone, pocket money, civil dress or any kind of item which are not enlisted in the school prospectus.
  • To show consistency with marked improvement in studies.
  • To show the early signs of a responsible citizen of the world community and refrain from any other kind of misuse or overuse of the resources viz. wastage of electricity, water, food, papers, etc.
  • To keep in mind that they are a part of the global community and thus to be well behaved, cultured and gentle towards everyone and portray oneself as a role model for others to look into.