Boarding Schedule

The time schedule in daily routine varies considerably in conformity to the summer and winter climate. The daily routine starts early in the morning with physical training. The Classes are held six days a week except Sunday.

Zero period provides students with the time to quickly prepare themselves for the drilling class hours in advance. School assembly is conducted in the assembly ground with the school choir leading to Saraswati Vandana. Supervised self-study classes are conducted in afternoon and evening shifts.

All the students are expected to follow the daily routine unless in the case of illness or leave from the school. The daily routine of the senior secondary section is more centered towards engaging the students in the process of attainment of rapid knowledge, therefore, more self-study hours are allotted to them. Special preparatory classes are held for the students as according to the circulated routine in order to prepare the to face various competitive examinations as well.

Students also participate in regular evening prayer singing devotional song and enchanting shlokas.