At RKVVM, we ensures that a child has to be self-dependent and motivated to perform their own habitual work themselves. However, the school provides in house laundry, barber, cobbler, tailor, and medical services available on weekly basis.

  • Laundry
  • Barber
  • Cobbler
  • Tailor
  • Medical


Boarders of each complex take their meals together in respective dining halls. All possible care is taken to supply nutritious and balanced diet to the students. The meals include six days of non-vegetarian dishes (egg or fish or chicken) especially at lunch. Separate provisions are available for vegetarian Rice (pre boiled quality) is served mainly for lunch while Chapatis for dinner. Green Vegetables are served strictly on availability along with dal in both the main meals (lunch and dinner). Thursday is a full vegetarian day for all inmates. Vidyamandir has its own dairy to rely on for milk and milk products. Vegetables are also grown in separate campuses to partly aid in the regular consumption.

A brief outline of the diet schedule is provided below for general ideas:

Post Physical Training (6:40 am to 7:10 am):- Germinated grains, milk / Sattu biscuits
Breakfast (8:30 am to 9:30 am) Bread Cholla / Dalia or Chapatti/ Puri/ Paratha and semi dry vegetable / Dal or Upma or Khichdi etc.
Lunch (12:30pm to 1:40pm) Rice, dal, one dry seasonal vegetable, one gravy vegetable or non-veg (Fish/egg/chicken) dish as per preferences etc.
Evening snacks (3:50 pm to 4:30pm) Pastry, Chowmein, Fruits, Poha, Halwa Puri, Pasta etc.
Dinner (8:00pm to 9:10pm) Chapati dal, one dry seasonal vegetable, one gravy dish 250ml milk/ sweetened rice.


Presence of a huge swimming pool in the school campus has added to the varied amenities offered in the field of games and sports. Pool water treatment plant is also in operation to keep pool water clean and free of algae. Swimming Classes are conducted under the supervision of a swimming instructor as per the class schedule.

Hostel Accommodation

Abiding to ideal set –up a boarding – school, hostel accommodation forms the most crucial service of the institution. The students are accommodated in dormitories which are generally allotted according to their age groups.

The dormitory wings are further categorized on the following criteria:-

Gokul Complex

The two–storeyed primary wing house are for classes III to VI with seven dormitories assisted by attendants for the needed motherly care and affection.

Sarada Complex

The two–storeyed complex house comprises of junior and senior wings. Students from class VII to X are accommodated in the complex.

Buddha Complex

The single-storeyed living area located close to the main campus to provide boarding facilities to students of Classe XI and XII.