Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Students
  • Students should carry a positive and healthy attitude towards learning and hold the school as an inevitable agent in whose one’s control lies betterment.
  • Students should always be well dressed and hold the sanctity and dignity of the school.
  • Students should pay attention to the daily routine and actively participate in school’s activity.
  • The school shall inform the Parents / Guardians about the ward’s academics, health, behavior, conduct and any other relevant developments at regular intervals .
  • Students should be courteous while conversing and respect their teachers, hostel in-charges and their representatives.
  • Students should take care of their belongings as well as the school property. Any damage done due to the misuse or tampering to school property will be viewed as a detrimental behavior.
  • Decorum should be followed in the classroom or dining-hall or any other place and should not display any kind of unpleasant or detrimental behavior.
  • Use of mobile phones and any other electronic device like laptops, ipod and tablets is strictly prohibited as the school provides telephones and other communication facilities to the children.
  • Students are not allowed to keep cash / valuables / jewellery in school.
  • The school has the full authority to suspend / terminate from school any child on disciplinary or academic grounds if the same is found necessary in the interest of the child and/or school.

Note - In case parents have any suggestions/ complaints they may write an email at Parents are requested to visit the school website for regular updates.