Senior Secondary Residential School for Boys, Affiliated to CBSE - Delhi


School Building:-

Education is actually the awakening of the mind which is ensured in the spacious, airy and well built classrooms. Each classroom is equipped to hold a maximum strength of forty students so as to ensure the proper imparting of knowledge by the teachers and proper learning by the students. Each classroom is equipped with educomp smartclass which shows the required changes being brought about in imparting education to carter the needs of students with different learning abilities.

Science laboratories:-

The school boosts of four separate science laboratories (i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics) and well equipped laboratories to help the students gain practical knowledge through the system of “Learning by doing.”

Computer Laboratory:-

Computer forms a compulsory subject as a part of the curriculum, right from the initial Classes. The school has a well equipped computer laboratory with internet facility to keep the students well-informed about the latest developments around the world.


The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir, has a well stocked library consisting of story books, autobiographies, encyclopaedias, science fiction, latest journals and magazines etc.. New issues /titles are updated time to time to add to the existing quantity. The boys are encouraged to read the library books during their leisure time to increase their interest in reading.

Hostel Accommodation:-

Following the basic set-up of a Residential School, Hostel Accommodation forms the most important part of the institution. The students are accommodated in dormitories which are generally divided based on the classes. The dormitory wings are further classified on the following basis:-

Gokul Complex:- The primary wing housing the students of classes III- V in five dormitories namely- Ujas, Elina, Tapas, Tisti and Deva Devom Bhawan. The students are housed under the care of Lady matrons / Wardens assisted by lady attendants for the needed motherly care and affection. The complex includes a separate dining hall meant only for the boys residing in the complex.

Sarda Complex:- The dormitories (namely Krishna, Anand, Tista, Sabarmati, Kaveri, Godavari, Yamuna and Narmada bhawan) in this complex are generally divided based on the classes and houses the students from Classes VI - X. Each dormitory is under the care of warden/s (residing in a room adjacent to the bhawan) who generally belong to the teaching faculty so as to ensure the added care for the students. Hostel Captains are selected separately for each Bhawan from among the boys residing in the concerned bhawan, who are responsible to look after the general cleanliness, conduct and necessities of the fellow boys which in turn also helps to develop the positive leadership qualities among the boys.

Senior- secondary Complex:- The complex is located in a separate campus to ensure the added care required for the boys in this section. The complex consists of rooms which accommodates four boys in a room who are generally chosen based on their academic performances. Wardens are appointed to look after the daily needs and proper care for the boys.

Daily Routine:-

The daily routine of ‘Vidyamandir’ is subject to change in accordance to the change in the season. The daily routine generally begins early in the morning with the morning physical exercise followed by refreshment. The classes begin with the morning assembly and are held in one shift itself, for six days in a week. The boys have a breakfast break and a short recess in between the classes. No classes are held on Sundays. During the afternoons and the evenings, students are engaged in self-study under the supervision of a teacher. Academically weak students are provided with special coaching classes. The students are engaged in games after the afternoon study followed by the ‘evening prarthana’ after which they have their evening study shift. The students are encouraged to meet their personal works relating to cleanliness by themselves. All the boys are bound to follow the daily routine unless in the case of illness or leave from the school.

In-House Facilities:-

Life in a residential school enables a child to be self-dependent and with the sole reasons the boys are generally motivated to perform their own works. However school provides an In-house laundry, barber, cobbler, tailor etc,. The school has its own stationary store to meet the daily requisite of the boys at the guardian’s cost. All the items supplied from the store are chargeable. In case of any minor medical emergency first-aid is provided in the school or doctors are available on-call. In case of requirement of any specialised treatment arrangements are made to send the child to the Doctors at Deoghar. However efforts are been made for the construction of a medical room for the students.


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