Director's Message

Swami Vivekananda says "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man".

Education remains the guiding principle of our institution, which emphasizes upon a holistic development of a child in all aspects rather than acquisition of knowledge.

Mr Sougata Kar

"In the sanctum of the classroom, the destiny of a nation takes form, our diligent efforts, nurturing students, like flowers, to transform. Learning, a perennial journey, shapes the essence of youth, holistic wisdom in formative years, and a beacon of truth.

Academic and spiritual knowledge is a harmonious blend, propelling towards human glory, a journey with no end. Our devoted teachers are crafting tomorrow's grace through activity-based learning and a child-centric embrace.

Doctors, engineers, inventors, leaders in the making, RKVVM's legacy, a foundation never breaking. Excellence echoes in academics, sports, and more, a symphony of growth, a knowledge-rich lore.

In embracing a prodigious green campus, dreams take flight, as do the gym, pool, playgrounds, and canvas of physical might. Love and care weave a bond between teacher and learner: kindness, generosity, virtues they shall garner.

Boarding school is a crucible of strong team spirit, Building character, values, and lifelong virtues. Discipline and self-reliance, seeds sown deep, Courage and tenacity, challenges they will meet.

Alumni, a testament to RKVVM's glory, leaders rising from every life story, grateful memories, a tribute to alma mater, a more significant.

Mr Sougata Kar
MA, BSc (IT)